Trash & Recycling

Trash Service

Trash service can be ordered through City Hall and will be during the regular billing cycle. Trash pick-up is every Wednesday. If a holiday falls during the week, then trash pick-up will be a day behind. Commercial carts or bins are also available for businesses and can be ordered through Stutzman Refuse Disposal Service

2023 Trash & Recycling Calendar

  • 1 Cart - $8.75 per month
  • 2 Carts - $12.75 per month


Recycling service is voluntary and is included with the cost of trash disposal. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday, if a holiday falls during the week, then recycle will be a day behind.

 Acceptable Materials

  • Aluminum & steel (tin) beverage & food cans
  • Cardboard & pasteboard (flatten for better use of space in container)
  • Glass containers (all colors of food & beverage jars & bottles)
  • Magazines, junk mail, office paper, books, phone books & catalogs
  • Newspapers (including inserts)
  • Plastic beverage, food & soap containers (containers #1 thru #7)

Non-Acceptable Materials

  • Batteries
  • Other glass (windshields or glass panes)
  • Other plastics not listed above
  • Paint cans and other hazardous chemical containers (ex. motor oil)
  • Plastic bags
  • Shredded Paper
  • Styrofoam

Plastic bags and shredded paper can harm the equipment and potentially cause a fire at the material recovery facility because they can get tangled in the belts and gears.