Electric Distribution Superintendent

Under the supervision of the City Manager, the superintendent is responsible for managing and supervising the daily operations of the city's electrical system. This employee should possess a strong mechanical and technical aptitude, and excellent managerial, supervisory, organizational, and communication and public relations skills.


  • Manages and supervises the daily operations of the electric and distribution team;
  • Supervises and trains department personnel in the operation and maintenance of equipment used for the distribution of electricity;
  • Maintains and administers records and reports to ensure compliance with city, state, and national requirements;
  • Maintains other city equipment as required;
  • Monitors and orders parts and materials, operates heavy equipment, and maintains tornado sirens;
  • Monitors and maintains departmental budget;
  • Constructs and makes repairs as well as strings lines to underground and overhead distribution system in the city as well as repair electrical equipment on other city properties;
  • Sets primary and secondary poles and frames hardware;
  • Installs and troubleshoots single phase and three phase transformers stations, capacitor stations, cutouts, insulators, cross arms, and lightening arrestors;
  • Constructs and maintains various types of electrical metering;
  • Enforces departmental and city policies and procedures;
  • Performs line locates for any construction, or other digging operations;
  • Performs daily water and electric readouts, disconnects;
  • Assists other departments as needed