Water Supply

2021 Water Consumer Confidence Report

About Our Water

Our water system is required to test a minimum of 2 samples per month in accordance with the total Coliform Rule for microbiological contaminants. Coliform bacteria are usually harmless, but their presence in water can be an indication of disease-causing bacteria. When coliform bacteria are found, special follow-up tests are done to determine if harmful bacteria are present in the water supply. If this limit is exceeded, the water supplier must notify the public.

Water Treatment

Our water is treated to remove several contaminants and a disinfectant is added to protect you against microbial contaminants. The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) required states to develop a Source Water Assessment (SWA) for each public water supply that treats and distributes raw source water in order to identify potential contamination sources. The state has completed an assessment of our source water. For results of the assessment, please contact us or view online.

Your Water Service

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Please contact Matthew Schmitt Public Works Director via phone (620) 282-7909 or email mschmitt@sterling-kansas.com if you have a water utility related question or concern.