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Preparing for Court
Appear at City Hall at the date and time stated on your ticket.  If you do not appear at that time, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Dress Appropriately
Pajamas are strictly prohibited (and inappropriate) for court appearances.  This is a professional business setting dealing with serious legal matters.  Show respect for yourself, the court, and others by dressing in appropriate attire.  Your effort - or lack thereof - will be noted.

Wait Your Turn
After calling the docket, the municipal judge will start court.  This is the part where you'll need to be patient.  The judge will work through the docket depending on attendance that day and the nature of those cases.  Your case will come up as quickly as possible, but in the meanwhile you're going to have to wait.

Be Respectful
While you wait, you need to be respectful of the court proceedings by being quiet.  The bailiff will remove disruptions.  If you have a question while you wait, discreetly approach the court clerk.

Make Arrangements
During sentencing, the judge will establish arrangements for payment of the fine, court fees, and restitution.  Anticipate this possibility and be prepared to handle it or address it.  We accept cash, checks, cashiers checks, and money orders

What to Bring to Court
Before you come to court, here are the things you should bring with you:
  • Proper identification (driver's license, Kansas ID, passport)
  • Your copy of the citation
  • Appearance letter and/or court documents
  • Any receipts regarding your case (i.e., bond receipts, cash bail receipts, etc.)
  • Any documents which prove compliance with the judge's orders and/or sentencing.
  • Method of payment
  • Do not use nicknames or an alias.  Use the same spelling as listed on documents related to the case and ensure spelling on the documents is correct.  If they are not, please advise the court.
  • Provide the court with your current address
  • Appropriate dress is required